About TLC

Welcome to the Light Cellar

The Light Cellar is an inspired business offering fairly-traded, sustainably-priced, organic superfoods, superherbs, medicinal mushrooms, friendly ferments, hot & cold elixirs, raw chocolate making ingredients and more.

The Light Cellar is the physical manifestation of the ongoing joy, passion and work of a tribe of creative and dedicated individuals.

We offer ongoing classes, events and workshops to support you in Activating the Upgrade to sustainably and deliciously nourish your being.

Internally referred to as the HIVE, our organization consists of some of the finest and friendliest “Workers Bees” around.

Meet the cast, crew and characters…



Malcolm Saunders

Creative Visionary of The Light Cellar, Malcolm Saunders is an Intuitive Chef who specializes in the Alchemy of Superfoods and Superherbs. He has an expertise and passion for creating, and teaching others how to make, many special energizing and healing creations, including raw chocolate, elixirs and fermented foods.

Malcolm’s desire is to inspire others to live and eat from a space of peace, sustainability, and consciousness by illuminating all aspects of the power of influence our food choices have on ourselves, other beings, and the planet we live on.



Laura Milinusic

Creative Visionary of the Light Cellar, Laura is mostly behind the scenes weaving together the magical fibers of inspiration and tying together the loose ends, offering support to all in hopes that Light Cellar brings to you – the community of everywhere –  a warm, inspiring twist on an everyday experience.



Meghan-bio-pic-webMeghan Hickie

Meghan is a dedicated team member at The Light Cellar as a supervisor, purchaser and nutritional expert.  She is passionate about helping people take the steps necessary to lead a preventative health lifestyle. She focuses on super nutrition and encourages beneficial habits that help manage modern day stresses.

Meghan is committed to keeping up with the latest in nutritional and environmental research. Through Dandelion Nutritional Consulting, she works one-on-one with individuals to create a unique holistic health program.





Mizahël Chaplain

I was a sculptor and restaurateur (restorer) of churches, cathedrals and historical monuments in France for five years before coming in Canada. It is my big passion to always return to the foundation of anything I initiate or begin in my life. This is true for cooking, and when I arrived in Canada, for 5 years I worked as a Cook/Chef, learned about the origin of foods and discovered raw food, fermentation and other beautiful processes of preserving.

My passions have brought me to the Light Cellar, where I now grow and expand in ways I always wanted to, and in ways I could not have dreamed.

Beside that, I love being in family and in nature, skydiving, riding my motorcycle, feeling free, playing some drums, making some noise, reading, feeling connected, and learning slowly about anything that vibrates and brings to all a sense of humanity and joy in life.




Certified in Ayurvedic bodywork, Yoga therapy, and Thai massage Appa offers a unique reverence, perspective and love for Eastern modalities, and traditions. However, she is definitely a prairie-loving woman!

Appa is super passionate about serving and being a part of the Light Cellar community! She is always happy to help you find that perfect something in the elixir bar, or shop.

When she’s not basking in the TLC love-bubble, Appa spends her time dancing, practicing yoga, running around the woods, cooking up a storm, making cheesy jokes, & laughing loudest at them!




Kilian O’Donoghue

Born and raised in Calgary, Kilian set off on a trans-continental journey in search of a change of scenery and a broadening of horizons. The search landed him in the Maritime provinces enrolled in an agricultural sciences program at Dalhousie University, where he spent four years discovering and developing a passion for food.

After emerging with a diploma as well as a degree in plant science, fate unexpectedly carried the young man back to his home town of Calgary, where his newfound skills, knowledge, and outlook on life found him a happy home and tribe at the Light Cellar.

Kilian works and plays primarily behind the scenes at TLC, but can be occasionally seen in the shoppe or teaching a class in the Teaching Kitchen!



Pedro “Galacto” is a Human Animal, one who has a sense of purpose and direction.

His life is aimed by his responsibilities and passion for Nature and its Mysteries. He combines his engineering background with many years of “Consciousness Experimentation” in health, nutrition, biomechanics, and ancient shamanic practices.

He plays many roles at TLC, but Product & Services Wizard is what suits him best. “Galacto” has been the person behind the reintroduction of the ancient arts of cheese making, corn fermentation, and Wild Bison Marrow chocolate. He’s never too busy to talk to a friend, and always available to our customers.


1O5A4573Jordan Ellams

Advocate in men’s health, Jordan brings vital knowledge of the superfoods and herbs that can protect you from harmful endocrine disruptors and estrogen mimickers found extensively in our everyday environment.

He plays behind the scenes, writing, producing, directing and visioning with the video team, as well as energizing @lightcellar Instagram.

Jordan works his magic in the Shop and at the Elixir Bar — meet & chat with him to experience a personalized “Intuitive Alchemy” elixir! On days away, you’ll find him reading, writing, and hanging out with his beautiful wife.


Devin-bio-picDevin Dafoe

Although born in the Alberta foothills, decades of cascading coincidences and a series of serendipities eventually led Devin to the utopia of Vancouver Island. On this isolated landmass, he immersed himself in the pristine natural setting, developing such passions as forest wandering and wild-food foraging, while in the meantime earning a diploma in the study of Holistic Nutrition.

Though Devin’s mind may partially still reside on the quiet Island paradise, his feet are firmly grounded at The Light Cellar. Every moment spent within TLC walls is treasured. He is extraordinarily grateful for the learning experiences that are presented daily, and to engage with such a lively and inspiring tribe of humans.



Denis Manzer


Denis rhymes with Bee has a deep love for such fine pursuits as herbalism, gardening, wild food foraging, fermentation of food and honey wine and drinking chocolate. Working and playing with the Light Cellar is of course a dream come true!

You are most certainly in for a spectacular time if you have the chance to attend one of the workshoppes that Denis puts on.



Rebecca Rychliski

Rebecca has an educational background in social work, holistic therapy, and herbalism. She has worked with a multitude of clients in various settings and is a passionate believer in a practical yet fun approach to well being.
Working within the hive of TLC is a natural extension of Rebecca’s aspirations, some of which include caring for her garden, crafting nutritious & nourishing dishes, and enthusiastically sharing knowledge about the holistic healing arts.



Brielle Stone-Dumonceaux

Born and raised right here in Calgary, this Wildflower is well adapted to the Rocky Mountains she calls home. After taking a nice big drink of University life where she studied Biological Sciences and Psychology, she decided to pursue new and innovative methods to further her post-secondary education. Brielle found an endearing match for her unique and wholistic learning style at the Wild Rose College where she is currently working towards her Master Herbalist Diploma.
She often spends her days crafting wild and delicious herbal brews and elixirs, offering love and laughter to all she encounters, and soaking in the beauty of Gaia. A budding Raw (Super) Foodie, Brielle enjoys trying out new and challenging recipes and pleasing her friends and family (and coworkers) with her experiments. Her love for The Light Cellar is apparent in everything she does; her passion for her work is palatable and contagious.