About TLC


The Light Cellar is a small inspired business offering fairly-traded, sustainably-priced, organic superfoods, superherbs, medicinal mushrooms, friendly ferments, hot & cold elixirs, raw chocolate making ingredients and more.

The Light Cellar is the physical manifestation of the ongoing joy, passion and work of a tribe of creative and dedicated individuals.  We also offer ongoing classes, events and workshops to support you in Activating the Upgrade to sustainably and deliciously nourish your being.

Internally often referred to as the “HIVE”, our organization consists of some of the finest and friendliest of “Workers Bees” around.

Meet the cast, crew and characters…



Malcolm Saunders

Creative Visionary of The Light Cellar, Malcolm Saunders is an Intuitive Chef who specializes in the Alchemy of Superfoods and Superherbs. He has an expertise and passion for creating, and teaching others how to make, many special energizing and healing creations, including raw chocolate, elixirs and fermented foods.

Malcolm’s desire is to inspire others to live and eat from a space of peace, sustainability, and consciousness by illuminating all aspects of the power of influence our food choices have on ourselves, other beings, and the planet we live on.



Laura Milinusic

Creative Visionary of the Light Cellar, superfood super-mom, designer, gardener and all around wonder woman.



Denis Manzer


Denis rhymes with Bee has a deep love for such fine pursuits as herbalism, gardening, wild food foraging, fermentation of food and honey wine and drinking chocolate. Working for Three Years so far with The Light Cellar is of course a dream come true.

You are most certainly in for a spectacular time if you have the chance to attend one of the workshoppes that Denis puts on.



Meghan Hickie

Meghan is a dedicated team member at The Light Cellar as a supervisor, purchaser and nutritional expert.  She is passionate about helping people take the steps necessary to lead a preventative health lifestyle. She focuses on super nutrition and encourages beneficial habits that help manage modern day stresses.

Meghan is committed to keeping up with the latest in nutritional and environmental research. Through Dandelion Nutritional Consulting, she works one-on-one with individuals to create a unique holistic health program.




Robyn Shipley

Robyn is super passionate about connecting with and inspiring people to live their best, healthiest life through the power of proper nutrition.

She is crazy excited to be apart of such an amazing team, all learning and growing together.  You will often see her smiling and having fun.

When not working Robyn spends most of her time in the kitchen creating delicious meals and deserts for her friends and family and then dragging everyone outside to go for a barefoot walk.




Corinne Cornish

Corinne is the Class & Event Coordinator at the Light Cellar, assisting behind the scenes to ensure the flow of scheduling runs smoothly.  Corinne has an eternal love affair for anything that offers the body, mind & Spirit doorways into rejuvenation, inspiration and expanded consciousness, which The Light Cellar is a beautiful example of this!

As a Transpersonal Facilitator, Corinne offers exploration to travel to the depths of inner awareness, ultimately inspiring Self-realization.  Corinne is formally trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Conscious Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing Practitioner and has a Bachelor of Education.

Corinne’s private practice is The Inner Realms, www.theinnerrealms.com and is co-founder of Inner Journeys  www.theinnerjourneys.ca ❤



Morgan Maher

Morgan Maher is an artist, designer, writer and teacher creating & exploring connections between food, medicine, plants, health, art, music, optimism, adventure, ecology-economy, and the future.

Morgan teaches classes and workshops — including Energy Clarity Immunity: The Power of The Amazon – and energizes art, design, media and marketing with the Light Cellar.

Dive deeper on placesintheforest.com, keep in touch on Instagram