Adrenal Fatigue Recovery – March 17

Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

Madeline MacKinnon

Saturday March 17, 2018

4:30 pm – 6:30 pm


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Adrenal Fatigue… Do you have it?

Are you feeling exhausted, wired but tired, anxious, or have sugar cravings and brain fog?

Something’s up with your adrenals and there are natural ways to get back to feeling like yourself.

Join Madeline MacKinnon, certified nutrition consultant and the founder of Natural Hormone Healing, and get on the fast track to adrenal fatigue recovery. She will help you uncover which of 3 stages of adrenal fatigue you are in and how to heal yourself with nutrition, self care rituals, elixirs and customized herbal protocols.

By the end of class you’ll have learned:

  • What the cause is of your adrenal fatigue
  • How to determine what stage of adrenal fatigue you’re in and the warning signs of potential adrenal fatigue
  • How different herbs complement each stage of adrenal fatigue and which ones compete (yet still recommended by many health professionals) with each other to delay your healing process
  • Lifestyle shifts you can make to reset your circadian rhythm to reset your cortisol levels
  • Key nutrients to focus on to get your body healing.


You’ll be provided with print outs of Madeline’s adrenal assessment, a nutrition guide for adrenal fatigue, and recipes to compliment the class.


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