APHRODISIA: Helpful Herbs To Enhance Your Romance – February 14


APHRODISIA: Helpful Herbs To Enhance Your Romance

with Denis Manzer

Wednesday February 14 2018

6:30pm – 9:00pm



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Peoples of the whole Earth have embraced certain herbs for their ability to enhance love-making… and many of these herbs have earned their reputation for good reason!

Learn the secrets of the infamous herbs such as:

  • Goji And Schizandra “the Honey Mooner’s Tea”
  • Ashwagandha “the Strength And Stamina of a Stallion”
  • Muira Puama “the Potency Wood”
  • Flower Blossoms: Saffron, Rose , Lotus, Pollen & Honey
  • Cacao & Vanilla “Divine Lovers”
  • And Many More!

This workshoppe will be an exciting exploration of:

  • Traditional Lore, Legends and Beliefs Connected To These Herbal Treasures
  • The Fascinating Physiological Effects These Herbs Have On Your Body
  • Recipes For The Creation of These Herbs As Delicious Elixirs!

Prepare Yourself For Feelings of Energy, Bliss & Heightened Senses!


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