Are Your Rolled Oats Cross Contaminated With Gluten?

Did you know that oats are inherently gluten-free?

They don’t contain any gluten.

HOWEVER, most oats have cross contamination from other gluten containing grains, things like wheat barley, rye.

So you want to make sure if that’s an issue for you. Make sure you get ones that are certified gluten-free.

We source these and make sure there as been no cross contamination.

Very often times they’re growing oats in the field that year before they had wheat or rye and there can often be seeds left over from that crop rotation. As well as often times you’re using the same machinery. So they harvest the wheat, they’ll harvest the oats, they’ll harvest the rye and then process in the same facility so that’s were you can get that cross contamination. In your oat flakes you might have a wheat flake or a flake or traces of.

We at the Light Cellar have gone to the lengths of sourcing certified gluten-free oats.

Again, they naturally are but to make sure that there isn’t that cross contamination, a lot of our customers maybe you that’s watching, you want to make sure you’re not getting that gluten. Maybe there’s a sensitivity, there’s an allergy.

These oats at the Light Cellar are going to be A OK for you. So go ahead and sow those wild oats 🙂

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