Be Your Own Chocolate Maker: Activate the Alchemy of Cacao – June 30


Be Your Own Chocolate Maker: Activate the Alchemy of Cacao

With Malcolm Saunders

Friday June 30, 2017

6:30pm – 9:30pm



If you are not your own chocolate-maker, what are you waiting for?!

Join the home-made chocolate revolution where your kitchen will become your own chocolate factory.

In this wonderful immersive chocolate experience, you will become your own chocolate maker and learn how to create your very own superfood chocolate bars, fudge, sauces and milk.

Activate the Alchemy of Cacao and become your own chocolate alchemist as you get hands-on and craft your very own chocolate from scratch adding in the superfoods, super herbs and spices you desire.

You will learn how to:

  • Adapt 4 basic methods for making your own chocolate bars
  • Create chocolate sauce and fudge
  • Make delicious chocolate milk (with or without dairy)
  • Choose wholesome sweeteners, adding in the right ones which are best for you
  • Work with the alchemy of chocolate
  • Customize your chocolate experience and flavour with superfoods, herbs and spices
  • Craft your own chocolate into various forms and leave having made your first batch to take home and enjoy

Recipes Include:

  • The chocolate bar 3 ways: dark, white and milk (with or without dairy)
  • Chocolate sauce and its many variations
  • Delicious chocolate milk (dairy-free)
  • Fudgsicles (a homemade superfood take on this classic)

Are you ready to awaken your inner chocolate alchemist to activate chocolate as part of your health strategy for fun and delicious benefits?

“We had a blast and realized that chocolate making is both easy and a lot of fun.  Malcolm was so enthusiastic and interesting – we enjoyed hearing about the history of chocolate, how chocolate is made, what forms it can be found in, etc. and it was fun to sample ingredients like beans, powders, berries, etc. Your classroom is very nice – good equipment, folding chairs, etc. Malcolm had a nice manner when he needed to get people to quit talking and start listening again.  I look forward to attending future classes! Thank you!”

~ Joanne M.

“Not only was your course highly informative, it was absolute FUN and quite tasty!  I instruct as well and you totally captivated your audience with intrigue, interest and joy.
The Light Cellar has to be either my favourite or certainly one of my most favourite stores in Calgary. Thank you for all the wonderful work, love and joy you and your fabulous staff spread around. I can not imagine life without The Light Cellar. Thank you all so very much!”

~ Norene P.

“I had a fabulous time at the Raw Chocolate Making Class and learned a ton! Malcolm is easy to listen to, very knowledgeable and teaches with humour, which I always appreciate.
I feel inspired and want to continue to learn.  Thank you!”

~ Jill F


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