Biohack Your Beauty Podcast – Episode 3


Malcolm Saunders’ mission is to deeply connect people to their food. Malcolm is a intuitive chef, speaker, and superfood expert who has worked in the field of food and nutrition for close to 20 years. He is the owner & creative visionary of The Light Cellar and the author of Elixir Life: Modern Nutrition Meets Ancient Herbal Wisdom, a guide to learning how to craft your own nourishing and healing beverages. His seminars and workshops have inspired thousands of individuals to recreate their relationship to food and reconnect to their intuition. Malcolm’s latest work illuminates and empowers people to create the life of their dreams, while making a difference in the world.

Dora began following Malcolm’s work when she discovered his expertise as an alchemist, and his passion for creating raw chocolate at his store, The Light Cellar. His passion for superfoods and superherbs was so inspiring, especially because his creations stem from a place of service, and a desire to teach and inspire others to live and eat in harmony with themselves and the planet we live on.

Here are some of the questions we answer during this episode.

What are better, plant foods or animal foods?

What is the difference between industrialized foods and localized foods?

What is intelligent eating?

What is the diet of the future?

How can science help us eat right for our bodies?

How can science help us eat right for our bodies?

How can our ancestors help us know what to eat?

Why do the opinions of others influence us so much when it comes to eating?

What role does our personal experience play in honing our intuition?

How can you move from eating processed foods to whole foods?

How can you reset your body?

Is there one way to diet that is meant for you individually?

What is the wisdom of other cultures when it comes to eating during pregnancy?

What does our cultural wisdom influence our eating choices?
What are some ways that people can reconnect to their own body and intuition?

Is the balance or imbalance of our gut bacteria related to our ability to eat intuitively?

What are the four essential food groups?

Is a plant-based diet essential for optimal health?

How can you choose which plants and herbs are most important to eat for your body?

Can you get vitamin B12 from other sources besides animal foods?

What parts of an animal are optimal for nutrition?

What can medicinal mushrooms do for our health and are they an essential food group?

What do fermented foods do for beauty and for our longevity?

Can fermented foods help us combat allergies?

Should you eat fermented foods with other foods or on an empty stomach?

How can you use your intuition to know which medicinal mushrooms to take?

What is Malcolm’s favorite anti-aging biohack?


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