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Get your Heart-On with our Creamy TLC Hot Chocolate!

Welcome to the Light Cellar – Superfood & Herbal Dispenser in Bowness, Calgary.

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Are you ready to get your “Heart-On” with our Creamy TLC Hot Chocolate?

*Mention Promo Code YYC FEST and receive $1 off*

This February we are taking part in Calgary’s annual “Best Hot Chocolate” Contest. This is a charity contest to support Calgary Meals on Wheels. $1 of every sale will be donated to Calgary Meals on Wheels.
Drink Description: We use only the highest quality cacao from single-origin heirloom cacao beans of Ecuador. We then stone grind these beans for several days with cacao butter and a natural high-mineral cane sugar into the smoothest of consistencies. This is added to a strong decoction of chaga mushroom tea and blended with colostrum, coconut butter, lucuma and pure vanilla bean powder.
Mention Promo Code YYC FEST and receive $1 off.
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