Chocolate Tasting Experience – A Deep Dive into the Food You Love – October 29

Chocolate Tasting Experience – A Deep Dive into the Food You Love

with Malcolm Saunders

Sunday October 29, 2017

11:00am – 12:30pm



Despite chocolate having 3x’s more flavour compounds than wine, it’s much easier to become a chocolate connoisseur than you think.
There are simple methods and guides you can use to develop your palate and appreciation of fine chocolate so you can choose and more deeply enjoy, truly good chocolate.
During this experiential session, you will be tasting more than 7 distinct varieties of high quality artisan chocolate.
You will be guided in developing your palate to pick up on deeper flavours helping you to identify and appreciate tastes that often go unnoticed in the complexity of chocolate.
And definitely no tasting would be complete without an understanding of chocolate and how it is grown and made because these are all factors in influencing flavour.

During this session you will journey into an exploration of the chocolate industry and will walk away with an enriched perspective of cacao and the spectrum of what it takes to go from bean to bar including the 6 factors that influence the function, flavour and feelings you get from chocolate.


  • Where chocolate comes from, revealing the mystery of how chocolate is made all the way from seed to bar
  • The difference between fine flavour cacao and bulk commodity cacao – and why this matters
  • How the genetics, growing, fermenting and processing of cacao all factor into quality and ultimately your experience of chocolate
  • How to taste chocolate like you would wine, developing your palate to pick up on the finer nuances of flavour
  • To discern the quality of chocolate and to choose and enjoy really good chocolate

This a great experience for all chocolate lovers!

“It really was beyond my expectations of what I was going to learn and experience for sure !! What a night ! I had the opportunity to learn about very fine chocolate – ethically sourced, heirloom, craft, high antioxidant chocolate and I got to taste each and every one –at the Light Cellar – thanks Malcolm!!”
– R. Shapka  – Calgary



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