Chocolate for Breakfast



Chocolate For Breakfast – A workshop designed to create your ideal state for innovation.

Morning. Chocolate. Ideating. Not three things you typically see lumped together, but the benefits you’ll experience speak for themselves.

This energizing workshop will light up your brain, open your mind and provide you with a new skill set to generate ideas, transform thinking and innovate organizations.

Go deep and immerse yourself in a unique recipe of learning, chocolate tasting and mind mapping where you will walk away with the tools to prime your brain to innovate. At the core of this workshop, you will experience the connection between morning (a fresh brain), chocolate (a powerful brain stimulant) and mind mapping (a tool for optimal thinking).

Chocolate for Breakfast is an inspiring, high-performance framework for generating innovative ideas.

In it’s purest form, chocolate is a superfood that offers remarkable benefits to our brains and cardiovascular systems. Harvard Medical School researchers found that when people between age 67-77 with impaired blood flow to their brains, drank hot cocoa twice a day for 30 days, it led to a 30% increase in memory and thinking abilities, and an 8.3 percent increase in blood flow to the brain.

Combine that with Mind Mapping – a proven tool for over 40 years used by the likes of Apple, Disney, NASA and Microsoft – and you have a transformational experience.

Learning, innovating and a serving of healthy, delicious, brain-boosting goodness; it’s a recipe for a new level of performance you can activate at work and in life.

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“I thought this was an amazing workshop!”

“I learned so much and had a great time”

“Awesome, I would highly recommend!”

– Benevity team


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