Deborah Morgan


Deborah Morgan

Deborah is a passionate champion for children’s health and the power of natural and functional health models to radically change our kid’s lives for the better. Her experience helping her own son with an autoimmune condition, even when everyone told her she couldn’t, inspired her to study holistic nutrition and specialize in gut healing protocols. Now, it is her mission to arm parents with the information, inspiration and real life tools they need to make simple dietary, lifestyle and environmental changes that have a profound impact on improving children’s health and happiness. Deborah’s presentations take parents from feeling helpless and frustrated to being inspired and ready to jump into action to improve their kid’s health. Audiences leave with a clear road map and strategies that they can put into practice the moment they walk out the door.


Upcoming Classes with Deborah

Nourishing Your Child’s Brain: Healing Foods to Improve Symptoms of ADHD & Autism Naturally – May 13, 2018


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