Denis Manzer


Denis Manzer

Denis rhymes with Bee has a deep love for such fine pursuits as herbalism, gardening, wild food foraging, fermentation of food and honey wine and drinking chocolate. Denis teaches all about the healing powers of Medicinal Mushrooms, Chocolate Drinking, Staple Wonder Foods and Much More! Born in the Foothills of Alberta, Denis is an Apprentice Herbalist with The Wild Rose College of Herbalism and spends all his free time Barefoot, Being Bounced Upon the Bossoms of the Earth Mama! You are most certainly in for a spectacular time if you have the chance to attend one of the workshops Denis puts on.

Classes with Denis

Sensational Sprounting: How To Grow Your Own Sprouts At Home – Saturday June 17
Foraging For Flavours: A Wild Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk – August 19
Foraged Flavours: Wild & Edible Medicinal Plants Preparation Techniques – August 20


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