Derek Fleming


Derek Fleming

Derek Fleming M.H. For over 17 years, Derek Fleming M.H. has been studying Plants as medicine and exploring the deep relationship between people, our Earth, and the gifts that she provides. After graduating from The University of Calgary in 2005 he took on a more serious approach to the study of the Botanical Medicine, and several years later earned a Master Herbalist designation. Since then his specialty has been in the area(s) of Medicinal Mushrooms, Chinese Medicine, Seasonal Harmony/Circadian Rhythm, Wild Food Foraging, Culinary Artistry, and Tonic Herbalism. Along the journey of sharing his interests and passion for herbs and real foods, Derek was guided to create a high quality niche herb company called ‘New Earth Organics’ in 2012, with it’s mission to ‘Honour the Intelligence of Nature’ – delivering unique offerings from all Kingdoms of Nature – the Plant, Fungi, and Animal Kingdoms. As Derek continually tries to quench his insatiable hunger for knowledge and his passion for learning he strives to share these findings through public talks and lectures on the amazing benefits of daily tonic herbalism and living in Harmony with our Mother Earth.

Classes with Derek

Thriving in Harmony with Spring – Seasonal Strategies for a Healthy Spring and Summer – Saturday May 13 2017

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