Fermented Drinks: Healthy Herbal Sodas Including Kombucha and More – October 19

Fermented Drinks: Healthy Herbal Sodas Including Kombucha and More

with Malcolm Saunders

Thursday October 19, 2017

7:00pm – 9:00pm


There is something so delightful about a bubbly beverage for both young and old, the experience of drinking a refreshing soda has the ability to uplift and delight ones spirit. Yet today, most of what is available is a far cry of what these drinks could and really should be. Old-fashioned sodas like root beer, ginger ale and even Coca-Cola were once health-promoting tonics made with real herbal ingredients. These traditional recipes were known to help increase and settle digestion, uplift and refresh as well as contribute to the health of one’s own micro-biome. Plus many of the ingredients came out of your own garden or a woodland nearby.

The good news is that the fizzy lifting drinks of yesteryear can be made healthful once again – you can Be Your Own Soda Maker at home crafting all kinds recipes from ingredients on hand or that you have grown in your garden.
Be the creator of refreshing, enlivening, tasty and fun recipes so you and your family can enjoy your own naturally sweetened and fermented probiotic tonics and sodas.
You will sample many different varieties, be given a recipe booklet as well as get hands-on to make and take home your own soda starter culture. This class promises revelations and delightful taste experiences you will want to re-create over and over again.


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    Can I be waitlisted for this class?

    • Reply October 11, 2017


      Hey, Chelsea. Looks like it will be full. We offer this class pretty regularly so maybe check back when the winter class list is released. I’ll let you know if anything comes up however!

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