Friendly Ferments Series of Classes


To be able to ferment your own food is a delicious, health-enhancing and rewarding skill to have. But for many, starting out can be intimidating and often unsuccessful. What equipment do you need? Is it safe? How do I do this properly? and more, are all questions that arise. And even as you progress down the path of fermentation having tried and mastered a few recipes and techniques there is always more to explore.This is the reason we created the Friendly Ferments series of classes for you, whether you are beginner or established.

Fermentation! My husband took a sauerkraut course 3 years ago from you and hasn’t stopped since. Our digestion has improved tremendously as well as IBS symptoms have subsided.”

  • Carrie B.

Friendly Ferments is a series of inspiring, informative and hands-on classes designed to empower you on the pathway to gaining the wisdom and skills of intuitive nourishment and food craft within the realm of fermentation.

Through this series, you can choose to learn in one or all of the areas of focus be it fermented foods, condiments or drinks. By attending you will not only gain the confidence and ability to successfully ferment but be opened up to different techniques and ideas that will inspire a freedom of creativity, activating your own inner alchemy in the art and craft of fermented foods.

“I now have the confidence to ferment at home on my own (I used to be nervous about bad bacteria or getting sick from things like my own sauerkraut but now I know to trust my senses); I now have this knowledge to share with family and friends. I make my own mead, kombucha and water kefir and have started 3 of my friends/family members with their own SCOBYs;”

  • Jordy B.



Current class offerings are:

Be Your Own Fermentuer: Foods – Activate the Art and Craft of Fermented Foods

Be Your Own Fermentuer: Condiments – Activate the Art and Craft of Cultured Condiments

Be Your Own Soda-Maker: Activate Eclectic Brews & Bubbly Beverages to Enjoy a Life of Health-Enhancing Probiotic Tonics & Sodas

Be Your Own Brewer (BYOB) – Activate The Art, Craft & Alchemy of the Home Brew Exploring Mead, Wine, Beer, Gruit Ales & Cider


To engage in the art and craft of fermentation, click here to look for classes in the Friendly Ferments series within our current class calendar including class details and registration.

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