How To Make A No Bake Probiotic Cheesecake

Discover The Method For Creating A No Bake Probiotic Cheesecake To Provide Your Body With Probiotics In A Simple Tasty Dessert.

This Recipe Is An Incredibly Nourishing Way To Provide Your Body With Probiotics In A Simple Tasty Dessert.

This No-Bake Probiotic Cheesecake is easy to prepare as a breakfast, snack or dessert. It is a delicious, easy to make ‘friendly ferment’ that can be transformed into a crust-less no-back cheesecake.

Ingredients for Soft Cheese

This simple dairy cheese is a great place to start for beginning cheese makers, as it is easy to make and results in a very simple, soft, spreadable cultured cheese with a mild flavour

2-4L of local, organic non-homogenized milk

1 packet mesophilic cheese culture starter*

*or previous batch of cheese – see method to know how and when to save from previous batch to use as a starter for your next one!

Method for Soft Cheese

Gently warm milk on low to 86 F in a non-reactive pot such as glass, ceramic or other non-metal pot. Remove from heat and add culture allowing it to sit on surface and rehydrate, then gently mix in so the culture is dispersed throughout the milk. Cover the pot and leave the culture for 12hrs at a minimum of 86F or very warm room temperature. After 12hrs at a minimum of 86F or very warm room temperature. After 12hrs the cheese should look like yogurt holding together in a soft clump with some liquid whey having separated around it. Strain out the whey from the curds by pouring through cheesecloth or a cloth strainer bag with a bowl underneath. Tie up the corners of the cheesecloth and hang this or your cloth strainer bag over a bowl to further drain all the whey for 6-12 hrs* until the desired consistency is reached. Remove cheese from the cloth and mix in 1 tsp salt to help preserve and add some more flavour to your cheese. You may also flavour your cheese with any herbs or spices if desired at this time. *note” 6hrs of draining will give a soft spreadable cheese consistency and 12hrs will be more a cream cheese consistency.

Storage: The less whey left in the cheese the longer it will last. The more salt you add the longer the cheese will last. Use these as a guidelines for storing your cheese. Without salt it will last about 1 week. Adding the tsp of salt not only increases flavour but gives you another few days of shelf life in the refrigerator.

You can make your cheesecake as a single serving in a bowl, or take it to go in a small mason jar. Or create multiple cheesecakes in small mason jars. Simply add your cheese to bowl or jar to begin. You can sweeten and or top with raw organic honey, maple syrup or any other sweetner if desired. I also added a fruit syrup – Check out my video on making Chokecherry syrup as well as how to harvest and process this most abundant and tasty wild fruit.


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