Immune Health for the Whole Family: How to Use Food & Natural Solutions to Take Charge of Your Families Health During Cold & Flu Season – January 27


Immune Health for the Whole Family:

How to Use Food & Natural Solutions to Take Charge of Your Families Health During Cold & Flu Season

with Deborah Morgan

Saturday January 27, 2018

1:00pm – 5:00pm



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People get sick, it’s a fact of life, but there are simple steps you can take to boost the immune system for a healthier, happier winter season. That could mean fewer sick days for you and your kids. As well as, less stressed out panic days for you, as you scramble to arrange alternate childcare because your child has come down with yet another bug.

Stay healthy and sane this season!

Create resilience and optimal immune health for your whole family.

Learn how to use food & natural solutions to take charge of your family’s health during cold and flu season.

Benefits of this workshop for you & your family:

  • Safe, non-invasive, no side-effect solutions that will support your entire family to experience optimal health all year long.
  • Healthier more robust immune systems mean fewer illnesses and reduced severity when it does strike!
  • Less need for antibiotics and over the counter medications that we know harm our gut flora and can lead to continued health issues.
  • Less time waiting at the doctor’s office. (Surrounded by even more germs!)
  • Less time and frustration from missing work.
  • Less oozing noses, explosive coughs and sleepless nights caring for sick little ones.
  • Cut through all the confusing and overwhelming information and get right to the strategies that are proven effective.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn:

  • The best foods and supplements to keep your family healthy and thriving.
  • How the gut affects your ability to fight off viruses and infections.
  • Specific nutrients and super foods for super powered immunity.
  • The best and tastiest ways to get these foods into your diet.
  • What to avoid to keep the immune system humming and prevent toxin build up.
  • The role of food sensitivities in colds and flu.
  • How easy and delicious it is to incorporate whole, immune supporting foods into your everyday lives.

Together we will prepare several amazing and immune boosting recipes your kid’s will love, including:

  • Cold and Flu Busting Superhero Soups
  • Vital Vitamin D Veggie Dip
  • Immune Boosting Hot Chocolate
  • Immuno-Power Punch Cookies
  • Super Food Gummy Candies

This is a hands-on workshop where we will have some fun cooking in the kitchen together then sit down and taste our delicious immune boosting creations!

Plus, you will take home some Vital Veggie Dip and custom create your own Super Food Gummy Candies to enjoy with your family.
All ingredients for making your take home treats will be supplied including all the dip ingredients, fun shape molds, raw honey, gelatin and all kinds of flavor options to play with for the gummies, and glass jars to take it all home in.
All the recipes you will be learning have been made purposefully easy to prepare so you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to enjoy beautiful health enhancing food.


Space is limited to 12 participants to keep the intimate feel and hands on learning.


What others are saying about Deborah’s classes:

“Awesome, very informative”
-Kristy T

“Trying out all the recipes is so exciting, Deborah is wonderful, I would recommend her anytime!”
-Marion B

“I really enjoyed it, the information was useful, the class was fun, the notes helpful and the recipes tasty and healthy. I would recommend Deborah’s classes to anyone who wants to improve nutrition and health of the whole family!”

-Sonia F


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