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Unique, energizing, dynamic and nourishing – the Light Cellar is a hive of healthy activity.

We are passionate about food, nutrition, health and well being, and dedicated to offering knowledge, wisdom and radiant light to the local community, and to the global village.

We’re always on the lookout for amazing individuals to join the Light Cellar team – amazing individuals with the ability and vision to shine and flourish, grow, share and flow the benefits of vibrant health and spirited lifestyles.

We commit to offering compensation and pay to our loyal staff at levels above the standards required to live an equitable life.  We feel that this level of compensation is motivational, fair and it facilitates a better quality of life for our staff. The Light Cellar is devoted to improving its staff’s standards of living.

As part of the Light Cellar team, you will receive discounts on all product, access to classes and events, as well as other educational opportunities.


 There are currently no job openings.


* * * 


If you would like to be considered for future positions and you have the following skills and experience, please fill out the application and forward your resume, covering letter and references as noted below.
  • Has knowledge, application and benefits of superfoods and superherbs*
  • Is familiar with the Light Cellar and its products
  • Can commit to minimum 32hrs/week (inclusive of  mornings, evenings, weekdays and weekends)

  • Blessed with bountiful passion for lifelong learning

  • Efficiently and joyfully manages an ongoing to-do list, within an ever changing dynamic environment

  • Graced with the gift and ability to inspire others

  • Organized, detailed and action orientated

  • Works and communicates well with a team

  • Self-motivated and takes initiative

  • Knowledge of Mac computers

*Suggested Requirements:  

  • *a background in herbalism and/or alternate nutrition will be given preference


**Please send the  following information  to in PDF format:

1. Please download and complete this application 

2.  Your resume, inclusive of 3 JOB related references

3. Please include a cover letter

*Only complete and qualified  applications will be considered and contacted*

Thank you for your consideration and support of the Light Cellar.


* * * 



Be a worker bee at TLC

Would you like to be an intimate working part of the Light Cellar HIVE community?

Then our Volunteer Program might be a fit for you…

This program is designed to create a match between the needs of the Light Cellar and those like yourself who would like to be able to work behind the scenes, develop friendships and connections in the community, learn new skills and gain knowledge as well as contribute to the vision and mission of the Light Cellar.

If a full-time paid position with us is your goal, the volunteer program is one of the best ways to get into the world and culture of TLC where some of our past volunteers have gone on to be hired into full-time positions at the shop.

To join our TLC Volunteer Program please send an email to and we will contact you soon for an orientation.

We look forward to connecting with you.