Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed


Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed is a medical herbalist who has recently returned back to Calgary. She is qualified with a Master’s of Science in Herbal Medicine with distinction from Middlesex University, London, UK. Her background is in plant science having obtained a Bachelor of Science in Botany with distinction from the University of Calgary. After several years of working in conservation identifying plants she decided to dedicate herself to reviving the usage of local plants for food and medicine. She runs regular walks and workshops and provides individualized health consultations.

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Classes with Latifa

Wild Plant Walk in Kanaskis – July 22
Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk – August 12


Articles by Latifa:

Usnea Lichen: A Wild Antibiotic
Local Chokecherry Syrup
Rosehips – A Wild Source for Vitamin C
Dandelion Root: Your Backyard Liver Cleanser
White Spruce – Winter Medicine


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