Luka Symons


Luka Symons

Luka Symons is a Calgary-based C.H.N.C. Holistic Nutrition Practitioner for people who are wondering where their food and body groove has disappeared to. Through her uplifting & informative workshops, talks and one-on-one consults, she’s here to shake up your approach to food and your gorgeous self — while making it all feel like a walk in the park. When she’s not being all nutrition-y and building her business Good Food + You, you can find her daydreaming of driving a new red scooter with a milk crate full of books on the back with her two favourites in tow (husband & daughter), on the hunt for the best cup of joe on the planet.

Classes with Luka

Intro to GoodFoods: The Benefits of Fermented Foods – Saturday April 22 2017

Intro to GoodFoods: Eating for Nutrient Density – Saturday May 06 2017

Seeding Your Baby’s Microbiome: Ensuring Health and Vitality For You and Your Babe – Saturday June 03 2017

Intro to GoodFoods: The Basics Concepts of Traditional Foods Diet – Sunday June 18 2017

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