Red Raspberry Leaf for Healthy Menses


Red Raspberry Leaf for Healthy Menses

Radiant Wellness requires that we cultivate flexibility and keen listening skills to the ‘curveballs’ that our bodies present us with via the language she communicates; emotions, feelings and physical symptoms. Sometimes the communication manifests as harmony and ease and other times we experience imbalance and dis-ease — the key to wellness is our ability to adapt, listen and respond to the clues that the body give to us. The depths that we are willing to lean in and honor her dialogue will directly reflect and influence the depths of wellness we experience.

The human body is not stagnant — it is in fact in constant movement, change and evolution and thus she requires that we develop the ability to remain connected to our day to day and moment to moment needs. We do this by engaging in dialogue with the body — she speaks, we react; we hone in on our listening skills.

It has been through this dialogue that I have come to discover a new plant medicine that I have added to my home apothecary and am currently in the process of creating personal relationship with. Funny how we think we are on a “the” path when life throws a curveball and suddenly we find ourselves exploring something racially ‘off the course’ we thought we were on.

Ultimately, of course, all seeming ‘detours’ are but part of the bigger picture to our individual journeys into wellness.

My body has been communicating the symptoms of liver stagnation and painful cramping and as a result, I have dedicated my time to getting to know an absolutely beautiful gift of Mother Earth: Red Raspberry Leaf.

There are many paths to wellness, which makes the journey exciting and requires us to follow our own unique guidance.


Red Raspberry Leaf & Healthy Menses

Red Raspberry Leaf also known as Rubus idaeus L or Rubus strigosus Michx is part of the rosaceae (rose) family. She is a whole-food plant medicine known for her uterine tonifying effects and her nutritive properties. Some of the vitamins and minerals this beautiful plant contains are Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Potassium, B complex, Vitamin A, C and E.

It is the alkaloid in Red Raspberry leaf called fragarine combined with the tannins that is said to be responsible for the tightening and tonifying effects of the muscles in the pelvic region. Red Raspberry Leaf is a perennial shrub who is known for assisting with painful cycles due to hormonal imbalances; it is also known for cleansing the blood of excess hormones.

Due to its nutritive properties, Red Raspberry Leaf is excellent for restoring mineral stores after prolonged bleeding — aka: after your monthly moon cycle. Taking on a regular basis is said to reduce cramping and help to regulate the flow of menstruation.


Digestion at the Root

Regardless of which body system exhibits symptoms, digestion is the foundation to good health as it is the rooting system which enables the body to break down, assimilate and thus use the nutrients we attain from the food we eat. Without good digestive fire, body systems fail to receive proper nourishment and alas begin to exhibit symptoms.

As we move into our colder months of winter, creating a diet that is warm in nature will ease the load on the digestive system, helping the body get the most out of the food we consume — this literally means we should gravitate towards warm in temperature foods for our cold days.

Creating a mindful practice including connection to the food we consume (food preparation or prayer), a zen-like eating atmosphere (only eat while eating and take the time to plate your food on the fancy plates) and also chewing thoroughly will do the digestive system wonders.

Learning to connect to the food we eat is one of the very best ways we cultivate communication with the body. Plant medicine is literally a gift from Mother Earth that we really should celebrate and connect to for optimal wellbeing both in our relationship to self and also to the world that surrounds us. Wellness is not a destination but a journey — one that requires celebration, connection, flexibility and radical stillness as we learn to lean into the places that we reside and uncover the subtle clues the body delivers to us.

Sending you and your body all of the love,

Kori Leigh



Warm Red Raspberry Leaf Chia Seed Pudding


2 tablespoon chia seeds

½ cup Red Raspberry Leaf tea

½ cup coconut cream

A handful raw pumpkin seeds

A handful of dried apples or goji berries

Dash of: cinnamon, nutmeg, sea salt, vanilla

1 scoop raw honey



{one}: brew raspberry leaf tea (I like to make a big pot and use ½ cup for the chia seed pudding and drink the rest of it throughout the day), remove ½ cup to set aside to cool until it is a warm temperature

{two}: heat coconut cream on the stove until warm

{three}: add all ingredients to a bowl, stir and allow to sit for a minimum of 10 minutes or until desired consistency is attained ( the longer you allow to sit the more fibrous and gooey the chia will become)

{four}: feel gratitude for the nourishment Mother Earth has gifted you and enjoy with mindful chewing

{five}: enjoy the remaining tea mindfully knowing that Red Raspberry Leaf is increasing the nutrients your body needs to thrive all the while toning your uterus and pelvic muscles — that is a miracle if you slow down and think about it


Meet the Author, Kori Leigh

Kori Leigh is a born and raised Calgarian who was with a passion for the mind-body connection and started her food-education journey 12 years ago at SAIT completing her first Nutrition Certification. Read more.

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