The VITALITY Sessions: The Gut – May 6

The VITALITY Sessions: the Gut

With Luka Symons

Sunday May 6th, 2018

1:00 – 3:00pm


Register Online or Call 403 453 1343


Have you been diagnosed with a digestive disorder, say like IBS, IBD, Celiac or Crohn’s? Have you long suspected that your gut is giving you grief? Is the list of foods you can no longer tolerate or eat getting longer and longer and longer?

This class is for you. The VITALITY Sessions: the gut is a workshop aimed at giving you the tools to help reduce the flare-ups of gut-related diseases and concerns. This class is all about improving your ability to digest, and setting your gut up to best handle those foods that nourish your body. With the intention of reducing issues and health complaints in your stomach and intestines, this is a class that will nourish you from head to toe, and help you get the best bang out of your nutritional buck. Imagine not having the superpower to clear the room with your gas. Create a future where you are no longer afraid of joining loved ones for a meal out! Your energy levels will benefit, your brain fog will dissipate, and food will be no longer by your enemy, rather your ally.

Join Luka Symons, local Holistic Nutrition Practitioner to garner important foods, spices, teas and elixirs as well as lifestyle tips in order to best love up your guts. Luka will demo a few recipes you can easily follow in your own kitchen. You will receive a handout with 5 recipes aimed at supporting the important organs in question. We’ll go over why your stomach and the integrity of your intestines are so important, and how best to nourish them in order to balance their function. Digestion and assimilation can be yours!

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