The VITALITY Sessions: the Thyroid – June 3

The VITALITY Sessions: the Thyroid

With Luka Symons

Sunday June 3rd, 2018

1:00 – 3:00pm



Find yourself with low energy and suspect a slower metabolism? Are you always complaining of cold hands and feet? Have you recently been diagnosed with a sluggish thyroid?

This class is for you. By attending this session you will be given the knowledge and tools to help support your thyroid, aimed at improving its function and removing impediments in the way of your optimal health.

Imagine creating a future for yourself where metabolism is improved, moods and energy levels get a boost. And cold hands and feet, are gone. You can eat in a way that nourishes your thyroid, and it is a delicious venture indeed.

Join Luka Symons, local Holistic Nutrition Practitioner to garner important knowledge of the foods, spices, teas and elixirs as well as lifestyle tips in order to best love up your thyroid, and all organs that play with the thyroid. Luka will share a few recipes at the class, and you’ll get to take home some additional recipes and concepts so you can implement right away. Though this class is aimed at supporting that wee butterfly-shaped organ at the base of your neck, it is all about optimal health, to ensure both quantity and quality of life.

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