Light Cellar Vision

We live to inspire, empower and enlighten the human experience – to uplift and activate individual and collective health and well being by upgrading everyday, to include the highest quality authentic raw organic foods. 

We believe food is healing, wonderful, beautiful, joyful and sacred.

We offer what we feel are the highest quality foods and herbs from the best sources. 

Foods and herbs grown at or above organic standards, sustainably harvested and fairly traded.

We select foods and herbs with strong life-force, genetic integrity, traditional use, and reverence.



Our ever expanding selection includes

Raw Sun-Dried Fruits and Berries — Raw Unheated Nuts — Raw and Vital Seeds — Raw Cacao — Coconut — Vanilla — Wholesome Sweeteners – Honey and Bee Products – Raw Olives — Sea Vegetables — Salt — Essential Oils — Medicinal Mushrooms — Superherbs — Chinese Herbs — Amazonian Herbs — Wildcrafted Herbs — Local Products — Tinctures — Teas — Spices — Personal Care Products — Books and DVDs — Kitchen Equipment


Hand-Made Raw Chocolates – Raw Pies – Elixirs –  Light Cellar Superfood Mixes – Hand-Made Cultured Vegetables, including Sauerkraut and Kim-Chi


We carry many products from these amazing companies

Basic Roots, SurThrival, Living Libations, Jing Herbs, Sun Warrior, Dragon Herbs, Ojio, Ultimate Superfoods, Health Force, E3 Live, Harmonic Arts, New Earth Organics, to name a few…


Thank you for choosing to purchase foods from the Light Cellar.

May You Be Nourished and Experience Great Joy and Vibrant Health!