What’s Inside The Orange Superfood Chocolate Cup?

The orange cup. This one here is the only one that is not vegan. It’s because it contains a little bit of colostrum. I’m going to share what that’s and what it’s all about. This is the Tumeric, Tangerine, Colostrum.Again, done in our house made chocolate. And then the filling is a base of coconut with a nice creaminess. To which we add a little bit of orange for that pop of citrus flavour.

For colour and anti-inflammatory effects we have tumeric powder that we add. And it’s a tumeric extract which is concentrated in those curcumins. This is the kind of thing that even just working with this powder, making the chocolate, you get it stained all over your fingers. But what’s interesting is I think that’s where those properties, those benefits come from. It’s able to deeply penatrate into the tissues, into the joints. So when I see a deeply pigmented food like tumeric that deep orange and it’s ability to stain so easily. Just image what that’s doing on the inside. Again being able to penetrate into the depths of your tissues, your joints, your bones for all the properties that it brings. Most notably anti-inflammatory.

Another super star that we have in the Tangerine, Tumeric, Colostrum Cup is the colostrum. Now, this would be providing protein. It is providing essential fats. Really good omega-3s as well as immune factors and growth factors. Colostrum is used by a number of different people for a wide different variety of reasons, could be to boost the immune system to get some of those immunoglobulins in and building your immune system. Studies have shown that it’s even more effective than the vaccine when taken medicinally like that. Body builders also like to take it for the the growth factors or restoring their body after a workout, bringing that much needed protein back into the muscles for that tissue repair and that building of their body. This is a fantastic way. Get yourself a little shot of Orange, Tangerine, Tumeric, and the Colostrum all in one delicious, beautiful chocolate cup 🙂

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