Wonder Foods of the New World Series – Mesquite: Blood Sugar Saviour – April 28


Wonder Foods of the New World Series – Mesquite: Blood Sugar Saviour

With Denis Manzer

Friday April 28, 2017

06:30pm – 08:30pm



Wonderfoods Of The New World Series: An Exploration of the Lost Crops of the Americas

In this 6 part series you will go on a journey exploring the staple foods of the civilizations of the Americas.

These foods were vital for the flourishing and sustenance of the Aztec, Mayan & Inca peoples. The vibrant societies that peopled the Americas reached heights of sophistication that still leave us in wonderment in our modern age. The secrets to their genius will be discovered when we observe the foods that nourished them.

You too can learn how you to use and benefit from these wonderfoods in your daily life.

By attending one or all 6 classesin this series you will gain an in-depth perspective on:

  • The wondrous nutritional and medicinal properties of featured foods
  • The lore and legends that surround them
  • As well as many traditional recipes for the preparation of these foods that maximize their nutritional powers.

MESQUITE: Blood Sugar Saviour

Mesquite is a food crop of the desert regions of the Americas. The mesquite tree is revered as the “Tree of Life” by Native Americans, as it provides a key source of sustenance in the inhospitable environments in which it grows.

The mesquite bean provides a sweetness that is capable of making any dish delicious and has noted benefits for balancing blood sugar as well as providing a high-value protein source.

Discover mesquite for yourself, and experience its delicous flavour, nourishing properties and varied uses.

Featured Recipes:

  • Mesquite Tea:  A very easy drink for a quick boost to balance blood sugars
  • Mesquite Porridge: A versatile power breakfast
  • Mesquite Flour Pancakes: Yummy!
  • Mesquite Spice Seasoning: Bring authentic South-Western flavour to any dish


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