Your Ultimate Guide To Fermenting Foods to Improve Health

Malcolm makes a guest appearance on the Kids Health Revolution Radio.

Episode Description – The ancient art and science of fermenting foods holds health benefits we are only beginning to fully understand. What if helping your child and improving their health was as simple as whipping up a batch of fermented pickles, coconut yogurt or even ketchup? Join me this week with special guest Malcolm Saunders, owner and creative visionary of the Light Cellar to learn about this essential tool. If you are on a mission to help end your child’s health struggles you will want to hear everything Malcolm has to share. You will learn: The many health benefits of fermented foods. Inspiring fermented foods your kids will eat. The tools you will need. The do’s and don’t-s of fermenting your own food. The different methods of fermentation. Tips to incorporating ferments into your daily diet. Tips for buying a store bought fermented food. This show will have you raring to get going on your own ferments.

Listen here.

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