The Summer of Light

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TLC in BC !

This Summer, the Light Cellar will be shining and flowing through beautiful British Columbia! Look for the Light in Nelson, Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino + Any & All Magical Places along the Way!


Summer Running Club

Join Jessica, Pedro, and Alahh in a 45 min session every Sunday @ 9:00am — learn from the wisdom of the Tarahumara people of Mexico, evolve your running skill and enjoy energetic elixirs prepared by our runner-alchemists!


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Destiny by Design

Design drinks to drive your destiny! – from Energy Clarity Immunity: The Power of the Amazon, with Morgan Maher


The Bountiful Beauty of Vanilla

Join Malcolm Saunders to learn about Vanilla Beans — and how to use Vanilla in a variety of wonderful ways!


Making Nut and Seed Mylk

Learn how quick, simple and cost effective it is to create your own nut and seed mylks.

Featured Favourites


Let’s Turn This Eyesore into Gorgeous Greenspace!

Urban greenspace upgrades present wonderful opportunities to build community — and Bowness is already an absolutely fantastic community — strong, diverse, resilient, capable and ready to nourish this further.


Restore the Jing – Raw Chocolate

A deeply awesome dark chocolate with 10 tonic superherbs designed to tonify your kidney jing and enhance the primal essence.



Brings clarity. Improves energy. Expands memory. Sharpens focus. Enhances dreaming. Reduces stress. Protects the brain.
Benefits the heart.


My Three Favourite Traditional Foods

Traditional foods are wild foraged plants and herbs, pasture raised or wild animals, grass fed dairy, organic/local fruits and vegetables, and fermented foods and drinks. Check out Madeline’s three favourites!